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  • Are there any sensations? Open or Close

    The only sensation you will experience is during compression. The slowly increasing pressure will push on your eardrums. This is exactly the same feeling you would experience when landing in an airplane.

  • Hour of Operations? Open or Close

    Metro Hyperbaric is open Monday through Sunday from 8am to 4pm.

  • How long are treatments? Open or Close

    An average treatment lasts approximately 1 ½ hours. This includes the time to compress and decompress the chamber coupled with the 60 minutes at the prescribed treatment depth.

  • How many times per day? Open or Close

    Typically, for most chronic problems, once a day, 7 days a week is sufficient. However, patients with more acute problems can be treated up to twice a day seven days a week.

  • How many treatments? Open or Close

    There is no magical number of HBO2 treatments. Each person responds slightly differently. However, it is possible to estimate how many treatments you will require based on your condition. For example, the average number of treatments required to heal a patient with a problem wound is between twenty and sixty. The average number of treatments for a patient with neurological conditions is between forty and sixty treatments.

  • Insurance? Open or Close

    Possibly, under certain conditions hyperbaric treatment is a covered benefit by most insurance companies including Medicare.

  • What are the benefit? Open or Close

    A person with diabetes with a wound that is slow to heal, or simply not healing. Anyone with a wound that has shown no improvement in four weeks of conventional treatment. Certain infections of the bone and skin. Someone with damaged tissue from radiation therapy. Someone with a skin graft that has questionable blood supply. Someone who has been bitten by a brown recluse spider. Someone who is suffering from a neurological condition or has experienced a stroke.

  • What is HBOT? Open or Close

    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBOT, is a medical treatment in which patient breaths 100% oxygen while under pressure in a hyperbaric chamber.

  • Who requires Treatment? Open or Close

    There is no benefit to increasing the level of oxygen in the body of a normal healthy individual. However, there are certain medical conditions that benefit from increased levels of oxygen.

  • Why under pressure? Open or Close

    The purpose of breathing 100% oxygen under pressure is to dissolve more oxygen into your body’s blood. This increased level of oxygen is then distributed throughout your entire body.