After having all of my toes amputated from my right foot, due to poor circulation, it was recommended that I go through hyperbaric oxygen therapy. I have completed all of my 30 treatments and the healing process has been successful so far. It has also helped the circulation in my left leg and has relieved the burning sensation I would experience. I would recommend that anyone with this kind of problem go through the 30 day treatment. If need be I will do it again. I would like to thank all of the staff at the treatment center in St. Clair Shores for all of their kindness and thoughtfulness.
Was a more convient location than our first use of a chamber at a facility in Florida. The personnel here were very pleasant and friendly to deal with. We will be evaluating the results with the possibility of additional treatments.
'm very happy with my results the wounds are healing and my vision has improved, I no longer wear glasses while driving. The personnel (ALL) are great!!!!!!!
The people at the Metro Hyperbaric & Wound Healing Center are wonderful, it's like one big happy family.Becky & Niki are so caring & friendly, as is Dr. Daniels.The Metro Hyper.Center is healing my husband's foot,he is Not going to lose his leg now, it is totally amazing. They really care & it works. Lisa Anderson
My son James was involved in an accident with a lawnmower. He suffered an amputation involving his great right toe and part of the metatarsal. He received 30 days of hyperbaric treatment which I wholeheartedly believe lead to his recovery process. The staff at Metro Hyperbaric is exceptional. Highly skilled, compassionate and caring. If anyone is considering hyperbaric for any health reason, Metro Hyperbaric is the place to go for treatment.
I suffered from a relatively rare affliction called "Sudden Asymmetric Hearing Loss". I lost hearing and my sense of balance in my left ear in one moment during a meeting. I also had a sinus and ear infection. Halfway through my my first hyperbaric session, I noticed I was much less dizzy and my sense of balance got much better while in the chamber. After a number sessions, the improvement in balance and dizziness became permanent, even when I was not in the pressure chamber. After 30 hyperbaric sessions I had recovered 15 decibels of hearing in my left ear. This was after the doctor's at U of M hospital told me to "give up hope" of any hearing return. As a side benefit, the treatments also cleared up a bad case of tendonitis that I had in my left elbow. For you guys out there, it is worth the trip just to see their receptionist, Nikki!!! :) She is very competent and performs well beyond the scope of just receptionist duties. The entire staff is also very caring and professional.
It was a pleasure in bringing my Son Chris to Metro Hyper Baric. We really enjoyed working with Dr. Nelson, Mike and the rest of the staff. We were always treated in a caring and courteous manner. If the need and opportunity presents itself again, we will continue his treatment at Metro Hyper Baric.
In 2004, my father suffered several small strokes. My family and I believed his condition would not improve. A physician suggested Oxygen Therapy. What he was implying was a reversal of my father's condition by way of forced Oxygen Therapy. I was very skeptical. In August of 2007, my father started therapy at Metro Hyper Baric. The improvements are incredible. He speaks and walks much better. His eyesight has improved, the bed sores have dissappeared. His over all health has taken a turn for the good. He has 5 visits left and then will return in a few months to begin another round of this miracle healing. Any skeptic out there: You must have the faith in the words I have written. My father's dramatic change is our proof of the success of Oxygen Therapy.
The staff at the Metro Center on Greater Mack are wonderful. I am very claustrophobic, am was very apprehensive about the treatments. Thought their reassurance and kindness I have completed all 30 visits. I could not have done it without their support. Thank You to all of you! Cara
To all the wonderful Staff at St. Clair Shores Hyperbaric Clinic: Thank you so much for the wonderful results regarding my mother's foot ulcer. It has closed together beautifully. Thank you also for the friendly, pleasant treatment to me during these visits everyday. You made what would have been a humdrum routine into visits to look forward to. Everyone made me feel like part of your clinic family. Patricia Jones Odalia Moore's Daughter
Our daughter was born in Russia and has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and static encephalopathy due to early-life deprivations in an orphanage. Hyperbaric is the only treatment that is actually a partial cure for her condition. She has completed her treatment, and she has lost the symptoms of being irritated, easily frustrated, and low cognition. She is now affectionate, happier, more content, and her comprehension of spoken and written language have improved. We are thrilled!
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