Patients with persistent wounds of the lower extremities, particular diabetics, frequently benefit from disjunctive HBO therapy. HBO therapy increases growth of new blood vessels and permits oxygen to dissolve directly into blood and be delivered to hypoxic sites that lacks oxygen necessary for wound healing.

It is very devastating experience to have wounds in the lower extremities that won't heal. For some wounds there are reason why it is non-healing . Most of the time it is a condition of hypoxia. It means that if a wound is hypoxic, it doesn't have enough oxygen for the wound to heal. We can measure the amount of oxygen with a test called TCOM to determine if the wound is hypoxic or not. If it is hypoxic, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is indicated. When a patient breaths 100% oxygen in the Chamber pressurized to 2.0 - 2.4 ATA, enough oxygen will be pushed to the hypoxic site to promote healing. By increasing the oxygen at the wound tissue, it will trigger the following processes necessary for wounds to heal:

  • Neovascularization
  • Capillary Angiogenesis
  • Leukocyte Hyperactivity
  • Fibroblast Replication
  • Collagen Synthesis
  • Increased ability of antibiotics to move through bacterial membrane

If hypoxic wounds will remain untreated it will eventually lead to amputation. HBOT can potentially save you legs. This in turn can potentially save your life, because post amputation mortality rate within time is high.

Consult your physician or call us before it is too late!

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